• Boxes for technological ripening and storage of white brined cheese

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Akumplast Jsc. was founded in 1985 in the town of Dobrich


Varna Port 45 km; Konstantsa Port 70 km; Burgas Port 190 km; Varna Airport 45 km; Konstantsa Airport 70 km; Burgas Airport 190 km; Bucharest Airport 240 km; Sofia Airport 460 km
Dobrich Railway Station 1km


  • Production of molded plastic items of ABS, PS, PC, PP copolymers and homopolymer, PE-LD, PE-HD, PA
  • Design and production of injection molds
  • Plastic’s recycling

Production capacity
2000 tons per year

Akumplast Jsc. has molding machines for production of items with weight from 0.001 to 4 kg and lock exertion of up to 700 tons


  • Plastic packaging for food and beverages /crates for bread, meat and sausages, fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, cheese boxes, crates for beer, non-alcoholic beverages, vegetable oil and others
  • Technical items for light and heavy industry and agriculture
  • Plastic bags, lids and accessories for starter lead-acid accumulators
Akumplast Akumplast Akumplast

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