Plastics Crates

Plastics Crates

Food products crates - 565x360x105mm

Crates are designed for storage and transportation of food products.

Length: 565 mm
Width: 360 mm
Height: 105 mm
Useful working volume: 20
Nominal bearing capacity: 12 kg

Crates are with stiffing step and allow formation of loading units upon transportation and storage.

Possibility for company user marking (upon request) – permanently or screen printing

Crates for storage and transportation of food are offered in various colors – upon client’s request and suitability for nutritional purposes.

Crates are offered of two types of polymer material
I – primary polymer
II – recycled polymer

Storage and transportation of food crates comply with the European standards and are offered in two options:
I – with solid bottom and walls
II – with grid bottom and walls

Crates comply with BNS 16261
Creates have passed standard physical and mechanical testing under BNS 10454

Crates have a certificate of quality and origin.


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