About us

Akumplast Jsc. is a private company established in the early eighties of 20th century.

Company’s main purpose of foundation is production of plastic accumulator boxes made by propylene.

Akumplast Jsc. produces its first accumulator box by Propylene in Bulgaria substituting the used back then ebonite boxes, since then up until now the Company has specialized in the production of propylene boxes, lids and accessories for lead-acid starter and traction batteries.

In the early 21st century the Company expanded its product range. At present, produced are hard plastic packages – crates for the food industry, agriculture and other sectors. Implemented in production are various technical items produced by engineering plastics as PA, ABS, PS, PC, PMMA, EVA and others.

Akumplast Jsc. has capacity to produce tools equipment – injection molds providing opportunity to close the entire production cycle of 3D modeling to manufacture of final plastic product.

The company takes responsibility for preserving the delicate ecological balance by recycling 100% of generated plastic waste as well as plastic waste accumulated in our environment.

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