Permanent environmental deterioration represents a huge international problem. If gone out of control this problem would have a very serious negative effect on the quality of our life and our health as well as it will destroy the natural environment we live in. This, mostly leading to environment deterioration is not the good handling of waste. Annually in Bulgaria accumulated are approximately 12 000 000 tons of household and industrial waste as about 7% of them are plastic waste or 840 000 tons.

What does waste management represent?

The waste management is an activity aiming to utilize waste as practical as possible. As waste we understand all that we throw away – from used light bulbs, cigarette bulbs, bottles of non-alcoholic beverages, yoghurt containers, no longer usable furniture, used bags of tea, crates, to paper and industrial waste. The best way we can use the waste is to recycle it.
The waste management includes their collecting, transportation and processing. Recycling of waste, re-use of materials and items, burning, piling on dumpsites and composting are considered waste treatment.
Recycling and buying ecologic products is the beginning in our hands and our responsibility to nature.

Why should we recycle plastics?

  • preserving the non-renewable natural resources – for production of plastics used are 8% of the world demand of petrol and natural gas /4% as raw material and 4% as energy during production/
  • decrease of energy consummation
  • decrease of quantities of gathered waste
  • decrease of emissions in the air of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NO) and sulfur dioxide (SO2)


Plastic’s identification code Plastic’s type Description Applications when first processing the plastic Some applications of recycled plastics
Полиетилен терефталат

polyethylene terephthalate

Transparent and very hard plastic, may be used as thread Non-alcoholic beverages bottles, mineral bottles, textile threads etc. Non-alcoholic beverages bottles, foil packaging, carpets, carpeting and others
Полиетилен висока плътност high density polyethylene
Very common plastic, mostly white or colored Bags, bottles, food packaging, crates and others Litter bins, crates, pipes, pallets and others
Непластифициран поливинил хлорид unplasticised polyvinyl chloride
Extremely hard plastic Mineral water and juice bottles, blister packaging and others Pipes, fittings, bottles and others
plasticised polyvinyl chloride
Elastic and transparent plastic Hoses, soles of shoes, packaging and others Industrial flooring, pipes and others
Полиетилен ниско налягане low density polyethylene
Soft and elastic plastic Bags, foil, food packaging and others Bags and garbage bags, construction industry foil and others
Полипропилен polypropylene
Hard but very elastic plastic Food and beverages packaging, crates, pipes and others Litter bins, crates, accumulator boxes and lids and others


Hard and brittle plastic Yoghurt and other food containers Clothing hangers, office accessories, CD / DVD cases and others
expanded polystyrene
Foaming and light plastic, energy saving and thermo – isolating Hot beverages cups, plastic plates, food boxes
Всички останали пластмаси All other plastics


How to recycle plastics?

The recycling process is carried out as follows:
1. Collecting plastic waste – household and industrial
2. Sorting it by type and color
3. Crushing it into large pieces using shredders
4. Washing and drying
5. Grinding with mills
6. Extrusion/grinded plastic is melted and then extruded as spaghetti which with special granulators are cut and received is the recycled plastic granulate, ready for reuse/. With this the cycle is closed – re-cycle.

The opportunities for recycling plastic waste in Bulgaria need further development and improvement. We set the beginning expecting your support and cooperation.


What can we offer?

With decision №03 – РД – 562 -01/ 25.10.2016 of the Minister of Environment and Water “Akumplast” Jsc. is permitted “to perform activities of collection, temporary storage, transportation and utilization of plastic waste” of packages as well as such of industrial and household origin.

Our goals are:

  • restriction and decrease the environmental impacts caused by accumulated plastic waste;
  • maximal increase of recycled plastic waste
  • production of recycled plastic products
  • expanding the market of final products by recycled plastic

“Akumplast” Jsc. has all the technical equipment to recycle plastics. We offer to purchase your plastic waste /broken crates, cans, boxes and packages and others made of Polypropylene and polyethylene at a good price. To all users of plastic transportation containers we offer to replace their broken and unsuitable containers with sturdy ones, manufactured by recycled plastic in determined ratio.

We offer additional income in exchange of your plastic waste.

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